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CS331 LED Lime-Light 100 Watt
pole support stand not included
The Celsun CS331 has been specifically engineered for use in vintage magic lanterns of various types. It use a 100 watt LED device that can produce 9000-1000 lumens: enough light for projecting on to large screens and long throws. Unlike quartz halogen (QI) or projection lamps, it produced almost no forward infra red heat that can ‘cook’ valuable slides and condensers.

In operation LEDs naturally get warm but without the forward heat of an incandesent lamp. This is why the unit has a substantial finned heatsink to dissipate that warmth for reliable operation. Some projector lamps only have a given life of 25 -50 hours but the CS331 LED can be expected to last well in excess of 10,000 hours.

The unit is solidly built from anodized aluminium.  The 6 ft. (1.8M) connection cable is fitted with a pre-wired  professional XLR for plug and play operation any Celsun Controller
* 100 Watt LED Cool Lime-Light   
* Suitable for Triunial, Biunial or Single lanterns
* Safe low voltage operation
* Safe for all slide & condensers
* Easy to use and quick to set-up
* No vignetting, high spots or ‘hot spots’
* No change in colour on fade to black
* No light spill from rear or sides
* 3 way mounting options
* Professional XLR plug connection
* Built to professional standards
  for reliable operation and a long life
LED Lamp 100 Watts
36 Volts Nominal
Output 9000-10000 Lumens
Colour temperature 2700°K tungsten equivalent
4000°K special order
Optical height min.
(max depends on pole or brackets used)
77mm or
43mm upside down
Pole mount hole size
8mm / 3/8"
Locking thumb-screw M6 / 0BA
Unit dimensions 120mm H x 115mm W x 127mm
Weight 1.2 Kgs /  21ozs
Power lead   6ft. (1.8M)
Plug XLR Male 5 pin
(this is not DMX)
Compatible controllers Celsun CS332
Celsun CS338

Compatible controllers
Celsun CS332
Celsun CS338
Very even illumination
This allows the rigid support of the CS331 unit on the lantern’s lamp slide rails. This option replaces the old wobbly pole support. The vertical slots allow exact alignment to the optical axis.These brass brackets can also be used where the are no rails and the where can be simply screwed into the lantern base.

order additional kit as CS335
CS335  brass optional  support kit