Magic Lantern Projection
Designed by Celsun
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CS348 Single Lantern Controller
Dimming 0 to 100%  (log taper)
in more than10000 steps
Output 100 Watts
36 Volts Nominal
Compatible LED Lamp CS331 LED Limelight 100 w
Output socket XLR Female 5 pin
(this is not DMX compatible)
Unit weight 1.2 kgs
Reading Light Socket USB type A  with 5 V. power
Unit dimensions 200mm H x 165mm W x 67mm
Weight 2 Kgs
Power lead C5 6ft 6ins. (2M) long
Mains AC Supply Input any voltage 100 to 250 VAC
automatic setting
200VA - 130 watts
Celsun CS348
Very even illumination
The Celsun CS348 features smooth dimming for a 100 watt LED Lime-Light for use with single lantern. Dimming rate can be variably timed by the built in speed control. The brightness can be dimmed right down to totally black and without visible steps or colour change. There is a lanternists reading light USB socket for optional reading lamp/ This provides dimmable illumination for the panel controls or lecture notes.

The sockets are the same configuration as the Celsun CS332 three channel controller making for interchangeability.
CS348 Specifications
replaces previous model CS338
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